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March's decluttering tip...

New homes for your unwanted stuff...

Donating and click on ‘Find a Charity Shop’ Has a directory of charities if you want to donate directly to a community group.

Selling is a great source of secondhand shops. - the online auction site for selling unwanted books and CDs Lists car boot sales in the UK


For advice on selling antiques and for reputable dealers - The Association of Art and Antique dealers - The British Antique Dealers Association


There are many organisations who can recycle and re-use your unwanted things. for general recycling information. You can send your old spectacles to Vision Aid Overseas, but do check with your local optician first because many collect instore. - reuse all sorts for children’s play activities will recondition your old PC and give it to a charity The Furniture Reuse Network can help pass on your unwanted furniture and appliances to people on low incomes.
Mobile phones are recycled by numerous organisations to raise money for charity including Oxfam, Crisis, and Orange.


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