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Frequently asked questions
  What is clutter?
Clutter is things you no longer use or love. It's too much stuff for the space you live in. It 's disorganised things such as unfiled paperwork. It's broken things. It's clothes that don't fit you. It's junk in your loft. It's things you used to like 10 years ago but your tastes have changed. It's useless things like old keys you keep just in case. It's unwanted presents you feel too guilty to give away.

What are the benefits of decluttering?
Less stress and more time because you can find things when you want them. A more relaxing home or office space so you feel more in control. Also when you let go of old stuff it frees you emotionally to let new opportunities and experiences into your life.

Is there a typical client?
The quick answer is no. Everyone today struggles with too many possessions, too little time and homes that are not getting any bigger. People usually call me when either a deadline is looming, like a house move or a new baby is due, or when they've simply had enough of all the mess and disorder. Some clients just need a one-off booster session to help them on their way, while others prefer to work more intensively to clear the clutter fast. Don't feel you're a failure because you need help - we're living in unique times. People in the past never had to deal with the sheer quantity of things we do today.

Will you make me throw away all my stuff?
Don't worry. My role as a clutter consultant is to help you look at your things with fresh eyes so you can ask yourself whether you still use them and feel good about them. It's ultimately your choice whether you keep things or not.

Will I have to tidy up first?
NO you don't have to tidy up I'm used to seeing cluttered homes and offices. Please don't be ashamed, I'm here to help you, not to judge you.

How long does it take?
I wish I had a magic clutter-clearing wand to make it all go away instantly, but the reality is that it does take time. I always advise starting with physical clutter like kids' toys, clothes or kitchen equipment - much quicker to sort out than paperwork. Four hours is usually long enough to sort out a wardrobe or a desk, but I've decluttered walk-in wardrobes that have taken much longer! Overall my job is to make the whole process as speedy and as painless as possible. I'm always delighted when I hear a client say at the end of a session: "I can't believe how much we achieved today."

How do I stop clutter building up again?
Keeping clutter-free is an ongoing task. I will advise you how to set up regular decluttering routines to keep on top of things. Subscribe to no more clutter's newsletter (here) for ongoing ideas and support. If the worst comes to the worst, book a follow-up session rather than let things get out of hand again.

phone Sue on 020 8444 5149


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