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About Sue Kay

Sue Kay is a leading UK decluttering expert. She is regularly featured in the media and works with journalists in both print, radio and TV. She has recently been contributing to a new decluttering TV series for transmission in 2004.

Sue says:

"I have a degree in psychology, which gives me insight into the emotional reasons for holding onto things, and the benefits of letting them go. I use my background in information and design to help you look at setting up organisational systems that will work for you.

I believe passionately in both the physical and emotional benefits of letting go of excess stuff and creating clutter free space.

Picture of Sue Kay


When I work with you, I am there to help you and to work by your side. I will not bully you or make you throw away anything that is important to you. One person's clutter is another person's treasure. I will offer a calm impartial expertise so you can deal with clutter without feeling overwhelmed. I hope by the end of our time together you will feel more in control of your space, time and enjoy living or working in your newly organised home or office.

My home in East Finchley, London is as free of clutter as I can make it and I enjoy having regular decluttering sessions to keep on top of things.

Clients often ask me if I've always been this way. The answer is I've always been organised and been able to find things at home and work.

Even though I've never been a serious hoarder a few years ago I did a major declutter of my stuff and have never looked back, it helped me let go of the past and live in the present. "

no more clutter has been featured in House Beautiful (Nov 03), Homes & Gardens (Oct 03), She magazine (Aug 03), Your Home (July 03), Wall St Journal Europe (Apr 03) and Sunday Express (Jan 03). Sue has appeared on BBC local radio, Saga radio and other shows.

phone Sue on 07974 076 675

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