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Decluttering Services and Packages

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Moving home

Staging your home for the market

Sue can help you make your home look as spacious, uncluttered and attractive to potential buyers as possible. This will help sell your home quickly, at the best possible price.

Declutter before moving

Moving home is an ideal time for a fresh uncluttered start. Packing prior to a move can be stressful as you face up to all the stuff you've accumulated. Book early so you have time to streamline your possessions and to have a radical reveiew of what you actually want to take with you. After all, why pay to move unwanted things from one place to another?


Transform your Wardrobe in only 4 hours

How often do you get up in the morning, rummage around and then pick out the same old trousers? We wear 20% of our clothes 80% of the time. So why keep all the clothes you never wear, expensive mistakes and thin clothes for when you lose weight. Sue can help you reorganise your wardrobe so next time you open it you see only clothes you feel good in.

I recommend this as an enjoyable starting point for anyone who feels stuck and overwhelmed.


Creating a clutter free home

Some clients only want to tackle a specific area of their home such as a spare room or their bedroom. Usually this can be achieved with one or two four-hour sessions.

For others, clutter seems to have invaded every corner of their home - the kitchen, the bathroom, the kids' rooms, their living space. The best way to approach this is room by room in a systematic way. A regular weekly session or booking a blitz are equally effective.


Paperwork Package

This is ideal for both home-office reorganisation and sorting personal papers.

I can transform your home office or organise your personal papers by eliminating clutter, setting up systems that work for you and advising on storage solutions.

Many of my clients run successful businesses from home, yet are frustrated because they are drowning in a sea of paper. Every day they are wasting valuable time and energy searching for lost paperwork. Others have lost the battle to stay on top of personal and domestic paperwork. I can help organise and set up an effective system for filing utility bills, financial information, health and insurance documents and other papers.

Because paperwork is the slowest area to sort out, I advise booking two sessions together.

If you need help to organise a larger office environment do call Sue for a chat about your requirements.


Life Changes

Life changes of all sorts can trigger a need for decluttering. If you're preparing for a new baby, or your children have just left home, if you're getting over a divorce or a bereavement, or if you or a loved one is preparing for long term care, I can help sorting through the treasured possessions to make sure the things you carry with you have the most meaning, relevance and resonance for you in your new life. I offer a sympathetic, practical way to help achieve this.



The Two-day or Weekend Blitz

Ideal uses for a two-day/weekend blitz are for your paperwork, for anyone moving home, redecorating or refurbishing their home and for busy people who want to clear their clutter fast. A weekend blitz lasts four hours on both Saturday and Sunday morning. A two-day blitz is the same as a weekend blitz, but on weekdays only.


The MegaBlitz

Sometimes a weekend blitz just isn't enough to get down to floor level with the clutter, and something more serious is required! I'll tailor a package for your home or office usually over a week. As well as the normal decluttering service, I'll arrange for unwanted items to be picked up and see if a skip is needed for major items. We'll design and shop for new storage solutions for your space.


Gift Vouchers

Fancy something different for yourself or a friend or family member for Christmas, a birthday, to celebrate the arrival of a new baby or as a wedding present? Gift vouchers are available for all decluttering services and packages. They're ideal for someone who has everything - or too much of everything!



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