Banish clutter in  4 easy stages
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Banish clutter in 4 easy stages

People often ask me what actually happens in a decluttering sesion. Here are the four key stages explained.

Stage 1 - Assessment
We start the first session by walking around your home and looking at where the clutter has accumulated. This should only take about ten minutes. We'll then briefly sit down and discuss what you hope to achieve - for example whether you want to see the floor in your bedroom or set up a filing system for your paperwork.

Stage 2 - Decluttering
Once we've set the goal for the session, the majority of the time is spent working together on hands-one decluttering. It's always best to concentrate on one place at a time - your wardrobe, a spare room, kitchen or desk. My structured approach guides you through the process of sorting out your possessions without being overwhelmed. My neutral attitude helps you decide what to keep and what to let go. Together we'll decide how to find a good home for the unwanted items.

Stage 3 - Organise things you want to keep
Once we've weeded out the clutter it's time to organise what's left and look at effective storage products. I can accompany you on a shopping trip to help choose the best storage for your home or office.

Stage 4 - Stay clutter free
Throughout our work together I will advise you on ways to keep clutter down in the long-term. At the end of each session we look at what's been achieved so far and the best way to continue tackling the clutter. Clients often like us to work together on a regular basis, say once a week or even more intensively to blitz the clutter quickly. My regular newsletter (register here) gives ongoing ideas and tips on how to stay clutter free.

Please note that the consultation does not include removing items from your home, lifting heavy objects, climbing ladders, or going into unconverted loft spaces. Nor does it include any form of cleaning.

phone Sue on 020 8444 5149


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