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Storage Solutions
Stylish and colourful storage products to keep your paper under control at home or in your office. Also a range of office furniture.
Solutions for the home, says the website, and they're not wrong. Massive website, loads of products, but be selective. If you end up not using it, it's just more clutter!
A fast and efficient on-line catalogue to order their innovative and stylish products to keep you organised and save you time.

Moving Home & Home Services
Fantastic site covering all aspects of home life from feng-shui to health to seasonal recipes. Check out Sue's article on decluttering.
Provides independent advice on moving house, from moving with children to moving with fish. Checklists, Online Removal and Storage Directory, Change of Address cards and much more.
has lots of useful information on moving home and home improvements.
A pearls-of-wisdom site. Chock full of little hints and tips about running a home.

Selling and Donating
The UK's largest Dress agency dedicated to maternity wear.
umbrella website covering 90% of charity shops in the UK. Useful shop locator to find the nearest charity shop to take your stuff to. Remember that some charity shops will collect.

Over 50s
Staying clutter free helps through all life's transitions. This is a fun site for the over 50s.

Small business
IT Training and Consultancy - a great source of help to reduce computer clutter.

A lively site about bringing up children - check out Sue's article Ten Top Tips for a clutter free family home here.
A great site looking at ways to bring up children healthily and naturally. Check out Sue's article "Let go of clutter and lighten your life" (Nov 2002) here.

A site by women for women sharing information about their lives plus women friendly goods and services. Read Sue's article on how to transform your wardrobe (link on their home page, about halfway down).
A site for UK women writers. Check out Sue's article on clearing the decks for writing here.
The network place for ALL women in the UK. Subscribe FREE today to the mailing list and get to know other TWC members.
provides a comprehensive database of women running small businesses and information on women-in-business networking groups. If you’re looking for a service anywhere in the UK just run a quick search on our database. Find anyone - from an electrician to a web designer.

no more clutter is a founder member of the Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers, a central resource for everyone providing or searching for decluttering services in the UK

join apdo today!


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