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Personal Testimonials

Here's what clients have said about no more clutter...

Cressida, a busy mum who also runs Platinum Nannies worked with Sue to declutter her wardrobe. She says: "I hated being so disorganised. I wanted our bedroom to be a sanctuary where we could relax. I knew I should clear out the wardrobe, but the thought filled me with dread. Sue helped me go through my clothes and my life is now so much simpler. I no longer spend ages scrabbling for something to wear. Working with Sue gave me the motivation I needed to get rid of junk. I feel like I'm back in control of my life."

Lisa worked with Sue to turn her spare room into an office space/guest room. "I had put off sorting out my attic room for over a year. I couldn't believe how much we achieved in such a short space of time. Sue's calm manner really helped. My new office space feels great!"

Jeff works long hours in the city and lives in a small flat in central London. "I called no more clutter because my paperwork was way out of hand. I get home late in the week and can think of much more interesting things to do at the weekend than clear up. Yet I was sick of losing cheques, being penalised for not paying parking fines or the congestion charge. Over one weekend Sue helped me set up a simple filing system and we caught up with my paper backlog. I'll never enjoy paperwork but at least now I open my post! I'd recommend no more clutter to anyone who's a paper hoarder."

Elizabeth was moving to a smaller home and needed to downsize her possessions. Despite her family's help she was overwhelmed and panicking as the deadline approached. "Sue came in and quickly assessed the situation. She saw straightaway we needed a skip to clear the house before putting it on the market. We worked together weekly for a month. At the end of it the house was looking great, clear and ready to sell. I couldn't have done it without her. She was worth every penny - I tell friends it was the best money I've ever spent."


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