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The Clutter Clinic


Here's your chance to ask Sue your questions on decluttering and getting organised. Please email Sue'll answer as many as she can on this page. She is always interested in hearing your clutter stories and any useful tips you would like to share.

Lesley asks: What do I need to buy and what supplies do I need to get ready before I start decluttering my spare room? I'm setting up a home office in there and at the moment it's full of junk.

Sue replies:

The basic supplies you need are 2 different colours of rubbish sacks. Black for rubbish and coloured ones for charity. Get a few cardboard boxes or plastic crates to use as temporary storage.

If you have a lot of bulky items of furniture in good condition contact a local charity who may be able to collect. If the furniture is past its sell by date you could arrange for a skip in advance or local councils usually collect for a small fee.

That's it. What you need now is plenty of time - set aside a weekend, plenty of cups of tea and snacks, some uplifting music and get going. Start by clearing the floor and it'll be much easier to work. Be ruthless - most stuff that ends up in a junk room is not particularly precious. Finally make sure you get all the unwanted stuff out of the house as soon as possible. You'll feel so much better afterwards.

Good luck with the decluttering and the new business.

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