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Win the battle against the moths

I've been amazed by how many people I work with have moth infestations. Moths are a serious pest and I've seen precious cashmere jumpers, suits and even carpets destroyed by them.

Clutter is very attractive to moths - clothing that hasn't seen the light of day for years, fusty carpets covered in old papers and old junk stuffed under the bed. If you've already got a serious infestation you may need to call in the experts. Contact the British Pest Control Association www.bpca.org.uk for professional help.

Otherwise do take preventative measures. Declutter your wardrobe today and make sure that everything you put back is clean. Moths hate the smell of dry cleaning or freshly laundered clothes. Put in anti-moth protection - cedarwood balls, lavender bags, horse chestnuts, cloves, dried orange peel - all these sweet smelling things will stop moths taking up residence in your wardrobe. Finally if you store out of season clothes always make sure they are scrupulously clean first.

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