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Challenge your Siege Mentality!

You've been out in the sales and stocked up on bargains. Now every cupboard is bulging to the brim but you have no idea what is lurking in there.

Choose one area of your home and decide this month not to buy anything else new. Start using up what you have.

  • Work your way through that pile of magazines and books by your bed.
  • Cosmetics and beauty products. Use up or chuck all those bottles and jars with just an inch left in the bottom. Put all unopened ones in a basket for using later. Boys - don't think this one's not for you - I know you hoard those grooming products too.
  • Contents of your freezer- work towards a more organised future where everything is labelled and dated.
  • Food in your storage cupboard. Throw out anything that is past its sell by date.
  • Don't buy any more DVDs until you've watched the ones you've got. Consider hiring them in future - do you really need to own them all?

You will save money doing this so treat yourself to something luxurious - a day at a Spa or a long leisurely lunch with a friend.

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