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Store Like with Like

This is one of the pivotal tips for getting organised. Keep similar things together and always in the same place. This way they're easy to find and you realise how many you have of each thing. You'll never buy too many of something, or run out again.

For example, keep a small stock of birthday cards - all together. Mine are in a shoe box next to a storage box containing wrapping paper, jiffy bags, tissue paper and scraps of cardboard and sticky tape. You might want to pop a pair of scissors and some stamps in there too, to make present wrapping and sending a breeze. I also keep any presents ready for sending right on the same shelf.

You don't always have to go out and buy expensive storage solutions. Use what you have, first. Shoe boxes, biscuit tins, tupperwares, baskets, icecream cartons - see what you've got lying about. Old tupperwares that have lost their lids can be used inside drawers to store batteries, elastic bands, loose change - stop them getting all mixed up. Chipped mugs you still love can be used to hold pens.

With paperwork, use box files to store bulky items such as equipment manuals for all your hardware - TV, washing machine, computer, gas boiler. Store your car documents and things - owner's manual, service history, log book, MOT certificate, insurance certificate, spare keys, alarm deactivator - all together. You'll never spend more than a minute searching for something again.

Think how much time and stress you'll save.


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