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Just say No to Plastic Carrier Bags

Most clients I work with have drawers and cupboards full of carrier bags that they believe will come in useful one day. In the meantime they are taking up valuable space.. So what can you do about your own stash?

  • Firstly recycle the ones you have - supermarkets like Sainsburys have a recycling bin or Ocado's home delivery service will take away unwanted bags.
  • Ask local independent shops such as a health food shop or a charity shop if they could use your overload of bags.
  • Fill them up with unwanted clutter this weekend and take them to the charity shop.
  • Get trendy - get a colourful cloth shopping bag so you can just say no when you're at the till.
  • Or buy a plastic bag for life from the supermarket for a few pence and keep on using it. The supermarket will then replace it free when it's had its day.

Not only will you be helping the environment but you will also be liberating space in your home!

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