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Use it or lose it

Even beautiful and expensive household items you don't use are simply clutter. The use it or lose it philosophy means facing up to how you are actually living now. If you rarely cook do you need bookshelves full of recipe books? If you haven't played tennis in the last 10 years do you actually plan to do so again? Decide to get your racket into use this summer or pass it on to someone who will enjoy it or use it. You kept all your old vinyl LPs but dumped the record player. So either buy a new one or sell the records. It's all about updating all your home and making everything that is taking up space work for you.

It's ok to take time out - like putting too tight clothes up the loft for 6 months while you work out and lose weight. But always make a note in your diary 6 months on. If you haven't lost weight by then let them go.

This way you streamline your life and stop feeling guilty about all the unfinished projects and old hobbies that no longer excite you. It also means you get the space to work out what you really want to do today and tomorrow.......

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