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Balance the flow of things entering and leaving your home

Do you wish that your home had expandable walls to accommodate all the things you own? Do you struggle to understand where all the junk in your home has actually come from? The truth is that apart from what comes through the letterbox daily, everything else has been brought into your home by yourself or another family member.

It's a simple equation if you're bringing in more than you're letting go, then your home is soon going to be overrun with things. So make it easy on yourself by adopting the following guidelines

  • For everything you buy or acquire decide to let go of one similar object
  • Stop buying anything but essential items until you have got a handle on the excess
  • Don't accept or bring in stuff just because it's free or a bargain. All those hotel toiletries or 3 for 2 offers will still take up space in your home. Be strong - just say NO.


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