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Is self-storage an expensive home for clutter?

The Guardian recently reported that ten years ago there were 30 self-storage warehouses in the UK and now there are 300. So what is going on?

I believe the growth of these units is a response to the cluttered times we live in. They used to be used as temporary solutions during a move, but now they take up the overflow of stuff from our homes.

Ask yourself what are your storing in there - is it treasure or actually, mainly junk? Are you just putting off the moment you have to deal with something or to let it go? How much is it costing you to store things you will probably never use again? Take a day out and have a ruthless sort out of all the clutter stored there.

Self storage units are ideal for short-term use when moving home or following a divorce or bereavement when you may need to take time out from your possessions. Before you take anything there or rent a unit think long and hard about why you are holding onto things. Letting go will free you up to spend your money on something more enjoyable.

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