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Clutter Clichés - why they work, and why they don't


Number 3: "It might be valuable in the future"

People often hoard all sorts of objects in the hope that they will become valuable in future. The current trend of TV programmes such as Cash in the Attic and Flog It encourage this sentiment.

The problem start when all these things stop you enjoying your home now. I often find that people are not storing things carefully so they may be losing value anyway. Clients often want to "fix" this by hiring a storage unit to keep all this stuff in.

Before doing this and holding onto bulky items such as old magazines ask yourself what is itcosting you to store. You're paying mortgage or rent on that spare room that you can't get into, not to mention that storage unit. Be selective about what you keep. Try to only keep collections you enjoy looking at.

Why not sell some now and have fun with the proceeds!

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