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Clutter Clichés - why they work, and why they don't

Number 2: "I'm keeping it, because it might come in useful later"

Lofts, garages and spare rooms throughout the UK are piled high with magazines, old newspapers, plastic bags full of leaking cosmetics, broken electrical appliances, margarine pots and empty jam jars. Not forgetting unopened boxes that have been transported from one house move to another.

Ask yourself why are you keeping all this stuff? Would your life be better without all these things cluttering up your space. Before you chuck it in the bin, see if it can be recycled or perhaps a local GP would like the magazines. Keep a couple of jam jars if you like, but not dozens (unless you make jam).

People often say to me - the minute I threw it out I needed it! Yes there is a small chance that you will let go of something that could be useful in the future. But balance this against the incredibly positive benefits of having clear and organised space. I know which one I'd choose.

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