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Christmas is fast approaching, so here's some tips and thoughts on how to make this festive season a clutter- free one.

Before you set off shopping consider the following:

  • A recent survey found that at least a third of all Christmas presents have no value at all to the recipient. We all know what it's like to receive a dozen crystal sherry glasses or joke socks or ties. Unwanted gifts tend to get shoved into the back of the cupboard or dumped in the spare room. So ask what your friends and family would like. If they don't know get them a "non-thing" present they can use or consume, like wine or an aromatherapy voucher.
  • Did you know that the average consumer debt in this country now stands at £6800 per household. Remember more stuff doesn't make us any happier. Quite the opposite - if your home is piled high with clutter you are likely to feel overwhelmed and stressed. We are three times more affluent since the second World War but reported happiness had stayed much the same. (Andrew Oswald). When it comes to presents think quality over quantity and that less is more.

    • Set a budget per person and stick to it. I know families who agree in advance to only spend £10 each on each other.
    • Club together to get someone what they really want - a flying lesson, or a day at a Health Spa.

  • A genuine gift is chosen with care and given freely with love I believe it is important to accept the gift graciously in the spirit in which it was given. But after that it's up to you what you do with it. Forget the guilt. If it is something you will never use then give it away to charity or to someone who will enjoy it. Much better than cluttering up your home.

  • With all these new gifts arriving then it's crucial to let some old stuff go if you want to be clutter- free. If you don't get time to sort your clutter before Christmas, then use the quiet time between Christmas and New Year to do this. Get your kids involved too, before the toy mountain takes over your home. This is also a great time to have an annual clear out of your filing cabinet.

Why not give your loved ones an unusual gift this Christmas?

Decluttering gift vouchers are available from no more clutter for the person who has too much of everything. (London area only)

  • A three hour gift token is ideal for sorting out your desk or wardrobe Cost £150
  • A four hour gift token is ideal for tackling a spare room, kitchen or living room. Cost £200
  • Or the weekend blitz for someone who needs to clear clutter fast Cost £400

If you would like to know more then give Sue Kay a ring at no more clutter on 020 8444 5149 or 07974 076 675. no more clutter will be open over the Christmas period - except for the bank holidays.

Together let's make 2003 a clutter-free Christmas.



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