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It's good to be back...

...even if it's a little later than planned! This month I'm going to look at positive and environmentally friendly ways to find new homes for your clutter.

But first,

I must apologise to anyone who has been unsuccessfully trying to access the website or send me an email recently - there have been some techical difficulties. If you sent me an email roughly between the 4th and 10th of October, and haven't received a reply please do send it again. Everything should be straightened out now, but if anyone's still having problems, please let me know.

Letting go

If you are already struggling to let go of unwanted stuff, there is now a further obstacle to navigate - doing it the "right" way or the green way. Regular newsletter readers will know I'm in favour of recycling, donating to charity, questioning shopping habits and challenging our "throw away" society. However, we seem to have entered a new era of guilt and competitiveness with our friends and neighbours over how green we are. According to a recent survey nine out of ten people feel guilty they are not doing enough so are lying about their lifestyles and exaggerating how green their habits are.

Guilt and responding to external pressures to be "good" are unlikely to work. I believe it's much simpler than that - letting go is emotionally easier if you find a positive place for your unwanted possessions. Yes it will take a little longer than hiring a skip or shoving it all in bin liners but it will feel a whole lot better.

I've updated the links page of my website (here) with more ideas on donating, recycling and swapping your goods. I'd love to add to these so if you know of any good sites, books or tips please do email me at

Two books I've enjoyed are Do The Right Things (Pushpinder Khaneka, New Internationalist Publications) and Go Make a Difference (edited by Emma Jones and Jo Bourne, CUP). Easy to read and not too preachy for me. I'm also rereading one of my favourites Janet Luhrs' The Simple Living Guide which I can thoroughly recommend.

Buy less

I love the BBC programme Spendaholics featuring people who get into serious debt from excess shopping. Part of the rehabiliatation is to go "cold turkey" and live on a greatly reduced amount of cash for a week. I tried this recently (not because I'm in debt, I should add!). Living minutes from Oxford Street it's highly tempting to pop out and buy myself a little treat. I found it really illuminating and a bit of a shock to live on a very tight cash-only budget. But really thinking about the cost of things has had lasting benefits, I'm more conscious of what I'm buying and whether I really need it. Remember it's about becoming more aware - not depriving yourself. After years of buying my clothes in charity shops I love shopping on the high street - and no amount of guilt or green pressure is going to change that. I balance this out by taking unwanted clothes to Cancer Research charity shop and tatty ones to textile recycling.

October tip

Make small but effective changes.

Even the smallest change can bring fantastic benefits to yourself and to the planet - see where you can start in this month's tip.

And finally...

Check out some useful decluttering ideas in Good Housekeeping Magazine (November 2007). There are some great ideas from me and my fellow declutterers.

And don't forget to enjoy your decluttering!

Best wishes



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