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Progress rather than Perfection

Regular readers may remember last month I committed to declutter 3 things a day for the whole of October. I thought this would be pretty undemanding, so I was surprised by mid month when I began to struggle. Mostly because I ran out of obvious clutter like tired socks and CDs I never really enjoyed. I then tackled some more sticky stuff and let go of an expensive watch I don't like any more, and redistributed some ancestral jewellery to other members of my family.

But a few days ago I had to admit defeat! This left me with a choice I could either by pleased that I'd managed to lighten my load by 80 possessions or be disappointed that I'd "failed" to meet my target of 93 items. I decided to be pleased because it's so important to recognise progress rather than perfection.

With Christmas looming many of you will be contemplating entertaining, family get togethers and generally trying to get your house into order. It's so important to be realistic and set goals you can achieve like thoroughly sorting out one room such as kitchen or the living room.

check out November's tip which is all about setting realistic goals

Kitchen Transformation

This month we're going to look at how you can ditch some of your kitchen clutter to get in better shape for the season ahead:


A recent survey by the Observer Food Magazine found that 1 in 4 of us own five or more gadgets like juicers, ice-cream makers and sandwich makers yet less than a third are used.

Deal with one gadget at a time and collect up all the scattered attachments. If you haven’t used it in the last year let it go. That doesn’t mean putting it in the loft or garage – that’s a clutter shuffle. Give it to a friend or sell it instead.


Hoarders work on the principle you can never have enough pans and over the years amass huge collections. When they buy a new set, the old ones remain firmly in place. But what’s the point? Even at Christmas we are still limited by the number of burners on the hob.

Be ruthless and just hold onto good quality pans you enjoy using. If your cast iron set feels too heavy or your pressure cooker is history, liberate yourself and let them go.

Baking trays

Where did all the ancient rusting muffin trays and baking stuff come from? Unless you love to bake you really don’t need cake tins in every possible size. If most of your equipment is beyond redemption recycle the metal at the local council tip. Don’t rush out and immediately replace things. Wait and see what you actually miss!

Cookery books

Glossy cookery books are so appealing it’s easy to end up with a bulging collection. But does this make you more adventurous or do you still cook chilli con carne and stir-fry most weeks. Streamline your collection by donating any duds (100 ways with cabbage anyone?)

If you regularly clip recipes from the paper – gather them all together. Resolve to try a new one every week. Create a folder with recipes you love subdivided into categories like soups, puddings and vegetarian main courses.

and ... relax!

Kitchens have become a gladiatorial arena with state of the art equipment and the pressure to produce restaurant quality food for our friends. Research has shown men too are becoming more involved in this highly competitive entertaining. Take a step back, relax and remember it’s about enjoying yourself – rather than winning stars.

Stylish Wardrobe

Nicoletta, a leading image consultant from PINKANANAS ( has kindly shared some of her invaluable advice on restocking your wardrobe. So if the extended summer has delayed your winter purchases, here are five tips before you hit the shops:

  • Free your wardrobe of summer clothes: they take up space and only add confusion when you are trying to work out what to wear on a cold winter day.
  • Do not go out and buy at random: make a list of clothes and accessories you need before you go shopping. It will save you time and money.
  • Do not buy a “whole look”: you want to be recognised not by the label you are wearing but by looking like a stylish “individual”.
  • If the current trend doesn't suit you, do not be afraid of buying classic: this means timeless and chic, rather than boring.
  • Finally, take care of your clothes: they are an extension of yourself and cost you time and money, three good enough reasons to respect them as much as the person who wears them!

Great advice that will lead to a fantastic clutterfree winter wardrobe!

Find out more about Nicoletta and her great style ideas at A consultation would make a great gift this Christmas.



Thank you so much to everyone who sent in tips on decluttering their photos last month - I'm going to include a selection of them in next month's newsletter.

There's no clutter clinic this month but in December be happy to answer any festive questions you have about getting through the Christmas season without drowning in clutter. Send them to

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Good luck with beating chaos and clutter this month


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