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Moving in the right direction

Apologies for the late arrival of the May newsletter! And even more apologies that this newsletter will be the June one as well. I've got a really good excuse though - after a few false starts I'm finally moving home later this month. Not only that but I'm achieving my dream of living in central London, within walking distance of Marylebone High Street. So I'm thrilled but I'm sure you'll appreciate that life is a bit hectic and my to-do-list is bulging.

Rather than rush the promised newsletter on green issues I'm holding that back for June. I'll also include the great ideas I was sent on reducing plastic carrier bags. Many thanks for all your suggestions they were much appreciated.

Instead this month I'd like to share some thoughts and feelings I've been having as I declutter my home ready for the move.

Moving on

Moving home is a fantastic opportunity to declutter with a deadline and a fresh start in mind. Even though my possessions are pretty minimal moving from a three bedroom house with a garden to a two bedroom city flat with no outdoor space has thrown up quite a few challenges.

To be honest one of the things I've found the most painful is letting go of my beloved gardening tools. They are worth very little in monetary terms but have hours of peaceful memories attached to them. The hoarding instinct is to keep them for the day I once again have outdoor space, but I'm determined to live in the present so they had to go. Because they were important to me I've given a lot of thought to finding them a good home - a few have been given to my brother, some are staying with the house, some have gone to the charity shop and the rest are going to the council tip which has a scheme for recycling tools. Finally for sentimental reasons and because I hope one day I'll have a roof terrace I've kept my favourite tool that is designed to root up dandelions.

I feel like a change of style and so have decided to part with a lot of my furniture and household items like crockery and bedlinen. It's hard work selling, donating and recycling all this unwanted stuff. Because most of it is in good condition I'm having to be vigilant and listen out for that nagging voice in my head that showers me in guilt and accuses me of wasting money. Even after all these years decluttering it's still there. But because I have a clear goal in mind - I'm not going to let it win!

May tip

One tip I've found useful in letting go of stuff is my Birthday challenge (here) - counting the items as they go has given me a sense of achievement and that I'm getting there.

See if it can inspire you too!

Get professional help

I'd be delighted to visit your home in the London area and really help you blitz your clutter effectively. I charge £150 for a 3 hour session and as a special extended Spring Offer I will also include a free copy of No more Clutter.

If you are out of London I can still help with a monthly support package. It's £100 for an initial hour's phone call and 3x 20 minute follow-up weekly calls when we can talk through your clutter issues and set weekly goals. I will also include a copy of No More Clutter.

I'm looking forward to writing my June newsletter in my new home. Until then good luck with your decluttering.

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