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Challenge your Clutter Thoughts

I've just finished decluttering my wardrobe ready for summer. My aim was twofold:

  • to look back at my winter clothes and review what had worked and more importantly what had not worked this year
  • to get my summer clothes out of storage after 6 months and have a long hard look at them - to see what still looked good and to let go of the rest.

Now I'm sure many of you imagine that if you're a Professional Declutterer this process is seamless and without any pain or dithering. If only that were the case! It was pretty easy to let go of tired T-shirts and worn out boots. But I too had moments when the clutter thoughts crept in and when I found it hard to let go of clothes even though I no longer wear them. Here are some examples of what I struggled with. I hope they will help you realise you are not alone in finding some decluttering decisions sticky and difficult. These dilemmas do not just apply to your wardrobe - they are applicable to many other areas of your home.

The Sentimental Item. My lovely stripy jumper that I'd worn again and again and felt stylish in. This had been such a good buy and yet....... it was looking tired, bobbly and everytime I wore it recently I felt shabby. It was hard to let go because I'd loved it so much and remembered the good times we'd had together.

Bought in the Sales. In summer 2004 I bought a smart black cardigan that I thought would be ideal for business meetings. It was in the sales and a real bargain. So how come nearly a year later it was hanging in my wardrobe with the label still on? Simple - despite the fact the label says it is my size, it is just too small. I tried it on and Nick, my husband looked at the horrible gaping mess and said that's awful - stick it in the charity bag. Now this really hurt - I started to counter - well it would be great if I lost weight. But I'm happy with my size - I'm not on a diet. So that's simply a clutter thought. In the charity bag it went - even though my fingers were twitching to rescue it.

The Shopping Mistake
Even with the best will in the world from time to time we buy something that looks great on the rail, fits well and seems to be a dream purchase. Yet when we get it home - it is plain disappointing. I bought a black velvet knee-length skirt a few months ago. It attracts dog hair like a magnet, it rides up when I walk and to top it all I feel incredibly dowdy in it. So why was it still in my wardrobe? Because it cost me £50 and it riled me that I had not had my money's worth from it. I was faced with a choice - to keep on wearing it and to feel frumpy or to let it go. In theory I could have sold it - but in the end I bit the bullet and was just glad to see it go to my local charity shop. Let's hope it works better for someone else. After all one person's clutter is another person's treasure.

The Designer Label. It's easy to be seduced by a designer label. I bought some expensive designer pyjama bottoms that were deeply uncomfortable. It pained me to let them go - but at least someone at my local charity shop is going to be happy when they bag a bargain! If you have the time and energy selling designer stuff on eBay is a good alternative.

The Question Marks. It's fine to end up at the end of a decluttering session with a small pile of "Don't Knows". But what do you do with them? What I do is hang them at one end of my wardrobe and give myself a month to either wear them or give them away. As we wear 20% of our clothes 80% of the time, it's easy to slip into a rut where we grab the same old blue shirt rather than try out the new candy stripy one that we're less familiar with. So from time to time perfectly good clothes end up neglected in our wardrobes. Or we ask do those pink trainers make me look like mutton dressed as lamb? Wear them a few times and see. Or if you genuinely can't decide about clothes from last season put them away for 6 months - it's often easier to part with them after a period of absence. I'm doing that with an expensive wool coat. I suspect I'm only waiting to next winter to let it go.

I hope this has given you some insight into how it's normal to feel ambivalence about letting things go. I feel great now that my wardrobe is organised and free from clutter. Plus I've got the spare hangers ready to receive my new summer purchases so it's time to hit the shops! If you'd like more tips on how to battle clutter thoughts then why not get copy of my new book. Click on the picture below to go to its Amazon page.


No more clutter is highly recommended by Predictions magazine May 2005. "It is a great insight into the way a decluttered mind works and for those like me who struggle with wasting time looking for things this is a godsend"

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Let go of that exercise equipment you never use. You know it makes sense! Check it out here

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"Hi. I want to recommend 2 places for getting rid of things. The first is the freecycle list - - you join it and can use it to give things away and people come and take them! If you want to sell stuff then far easier than ebay is They also have a freebies section to put things that you no longer need. I got rid of a sackful of keys from a dead piano, some fire extinguisher cartridges, some books and some wood that I had saved intending to make something out of. The only catch is that you have to stop yourself reading the offereds and hoarding more things! Both freecycle and gumtree are organised by city or area so you dont have to post things like you do on ebay, because people are generally willing to come and collect!

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Correction. Apologies to Toni Koppel who specialises in selling furniture on ebay (London) I gave the wrong email address - it should be

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