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Spring is Sprung

at least in my little corner of the globe...

Walking through Hyde Park in the sunshine at the weekend, I felt that Spring is round the corner at last! I'm sure many of you will be feeling the same surge of energy and vowing to knuckle down to your decluttering challenges.

I realised the other day that I've been writing my newsletter for over 5 years, so I think it's time for a revamp. No more clutter's newsletter will now be coming out bimonthly - so this edition will cover March and April. I'm excited about this because it will give me more time to plan, do research and to include new features.

Expert slot

One of these new features is an Expert slot with invaluable tips to help you fine tune your decluttering and get your home in order.

For my first expert, I'm delighted to include tips from Susan Dunn Morua who is an archivist and an experienced professional organiser, based in Bristol. She has spent 4 years working in Los Angeles and is now an active member of apdo-uk. Susan specialises in the preservation and organisation of special collections such as photographs, and will travel within the UK to help you with your collections as well as general decluttering and organising.

Tips for Preserving Print Photographs

One of the best ways to extend the life of your print photographs is to control the storage environment. Try to store them in a room (such as a bedroom, sitting room, or dining room) where the temperature and humidity levels are constant rather than fluctuating, and make sure that the photographs are not stored near radiators, hot water pipes, or sunlight.

Store your photographs in the dark in boxes, albums, or plastic enclosures that are free of acid. Be aware that the terms “acid-free” and “archival quality” are not technical terms so items bearing these descriptions may still be highly acidic. Instead check to see if the materials have passed the Photographic Activity Test (PAT).

Don't, however, remove prints from albums just because you think the album is not "archival." Many older albums with black or gray paper may not be harming your photographs, whilst removal from such an album could cause permanent damage as well as the loss of valuable inscriptions.

Finally, try to wear clean, lint-free cotton gloves when handling photographs and avoid touching the print side of the photograph. Fingerprints contain damaging chemicals that will eventually cause the image to deteriorate.

For more information please contact Susan Dunn Morua of RealChanges Ltd,, tel. 07805 695993

Interesting Website

I'd love to have your suggestions for websites to feature each edition.

This month it's which is a bit like freecycle. The idea is simple - instead of hiring a real skip, you create a virtual skip (a "vSkip") and upload your items for other people to search and claim. vSkips is completely non-commercial and FREE to use, so you can protect the environment and save money at the same time.

I've haven't used it myself yet, but it has been recommended to me, and I'd very much like to hear your experiences of using it. It sounds like a great idea.

Brilliant Book

This newsletter's brilliant book is "why am I so disorganised?" by Dr Marilyn Paul. If you keep asking yourself that same question this one will be well worth a read.

Do email me with your suggestions for books that have helped you in your clutter struggle.

And don't forget my books page (here).

These are just my initial ideas - if you would like to see anything else featured then email I know that a lot of newsletter subscribers are not based in the UK - I'd love to hear from experts worldwide, and recommendations for great books and websites from all around the world.

Spring tip

At this time of year, you're getting ready for a clear out, so Solve the Car-Boot Sale Conundrum (even if you didn't realise there was one!)

Solve the car-boot sale condundrum

Whether you think of it as a car boot sale, a garage sale or a yard sale - it's one of the stickiest ways I know for people to move on their clutter. You start off with good intentions piling up bags in the loft, garage or spare room and promise yourself when the weather improves and time allows you really will do a sale. But months or even years slip past and the stuff gets damp, mouldy and dated.

So if this is your intention check out local boot fairs and set a date in your diary. If you're having a sale from home - then also fix a definite date and then think about ways to let people know.

But don't be misled by all the TV programmes - you probably won't make a fortune - the real benefit is to encourage your kids to sort out their rooms and have a family treat afterwards.

Get professional help

For a more personal approach and hands on help and support, I'd be delighted to visit your home and really help you blitz your clutter effectively. I charge £150 for a 3 hour session including a free copy of one of my books No more Clutter or Hoarder to Order. I work throughout London and will also travel within the southeast to places that are accessible from London mainline stations. I'm always happy to have an informal chat with you about what a session involves so do get in touch

Contact details

Sue Kay
no more clutter
14A New Quebec St.
London, W1H 7RS,
t: 020-7616-9465
m: 07974-076-675

Have a great sort out this spring!



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