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Gong Xi Fa Cai!

A special Happy New Year to our Chinese readers. Especially so, since I learnt this week that my book "no more clutter" has just appeared in Chinese translation. I haven't seen it yet, but if you do see it on-line, please send me a link!

Create a March Deadline

At the moment I'm enjoying working with a number of clients who are moving home. Having a looming deadline and the desire to start the next phase of their lives without a mountain of clutter makes it much easier to declutter quickly and without regrets.

Remember the last time you had to write a report due in the next day, choose a last-minute present or clean up when guests are due in an hour? With no time to agonise or be self critical I bet you simply got on with the job. I'm not suggesting you leave all your decluttering until the last moment, but I do think it helps to have definite goals and fixed deadlines to work towards.

For March try the following:

  • Arrange a dinner party in a few weeks - that will motivate you to clear your living/dining area. Who knows you could even dust off or donate some of your cookbook library or recycle the hundreds of pasta recipes you've torn out of magazines!
  • Invite a guest to stay at the end of the month - that gives you time to turn your junk room back into a lovely spare room.
  • Plan a Spring treat - maybe a spa day or a special dinner date - then raise the cash by selling online on Ebay, at auction or organise a car boot sale with a friend now warmer days are approaching. Start filling those boxes with unwanted toys, crockery and bric-a-brac now.
  • Finally imagine you were due to move home in April - would you really keep all those old magazines, tatty paperbacks and general junk. No No No........

March's tip "Don't Dither, Decide!" will help you make those snappy decisions.

If books are piling up everywhere why not visit and sell your excess.

Get professional help

I'd be delighted to visit your home in the London area and really help you blitz your clutter effectively. I charge £150 for a 3 hour session and as a special extended Spring Offer I will also include a free copy of No more Clutter.

If you are out of London I can still help with a monthly support package. It's £100 for an initial hour's phone call and 4x 15 minute follow-up weekly calls when we can talk through your clutter issues and set weekly goals. I will also include a copy of No More Clutter.


And don't forget (as if you could) my books cover and cover not to mention all the other books on my recommended reading list for lots more fun ideas.

Contact or call me on 020 8444 5149


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