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  Spring is definitely in the air and there's never been a better time to let go of clutter and get organised.

Pick-and-Mix Challenges

Try some of the pick-and-mix challenges below to get you on your way to the clutter-free home you have always wanted.

1. Buy a shredder. There is something deeply satisfying about shredding old documents and receipts. It also protects you from identity theft which unfortunately is becoming more common.

2. Set aside an evening and gather up all your photos. Let go of any that are blurry, of places or people you can't remember or duplicates. Your reward is to treat yourself to a beautiful album to store your favourites in.

3. Go through your make-up bag(s) and chuck out anything that is dried out or over a year old. Look at the bags and see if they are still in good shape. Clean all your makeup brushes and sponges. For men go through all your grooming products - and have a good clear out.

4. Now that the spring/summer collections are in the shops have a long hard looks at your shoes. Discard or recycle the grotty ones. Get all the down at heel ones repaired. Any you never wear sell or give to charity, then count how many pairs are left. Did you know you had that many?

5. If you've got kids get them to sort through all the videos and DVDs . Give the least favourite to charity or to a friend with younger kids.

6. Buy a beautiful memory box to keep all your personal and sentimental treasures in. Keep this in an accessible place and dip into it when you're feeling nostalgic.

7. Clear the surface of your desk and keep it clear. Your desk is a place of action not for storing piles of paper. A clear desk really does help you have a clear mind. Limit to one or two (or none!) the number of plants, photos and personal objects you keep on it.

8. Change your buying habits. If you buy a DVD every Saturday then rent one this weekend. Try living for one day with cash only and see if this affects your buying habits. If you feel good extend this to a week. Have a week not buying newspapers and magazines as you catch up with that "must read" pile on your bedside table.

9. Spend ten minutes going round your home and have a look at all the big stuff like the furniture and the pictures. Ask yourself do you really like what you own? Do you have too much furniture for the space you live in? Can you move freely round your home without dodging round the sofas? Maybe this is the time to sell some of your excess and open up the space.

10. Get control of your loose change. Put a bowl where you empty out your pockets or your purse. Mine is an old Tupperware inside my kitchen drawer. If you have endless pennies and twopence coins and foreign coins then bag them up for charity. You'll feel lighter and they'll go to a good cause.

Reader's Tips

A big thank you to Adeline who sent in this excellent tip.

"If I know that a favourite programme is coming on the TV, I give myself the task of doing a 30 minute de-cluttering job, aiming to finish it a few minutes before the programme begins..... that way it seems like a little reward for the job well done."

What a great idea. Give it a go. It's amazing how much decluttering you can get done in half an hour. Do keep your tips coming - we would all love to hear what works for you.

Want to take part in a BBC programme?

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If that sounds like you then live them a call 0845 300 4488 or email

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