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Seven ways to feel richer this winter

Traditional new Year's resolutions often focus on deprivation that can feel miserable like dieting or giving up alcohol. The grim economic times we're all going through makes resolutions seem even more daunting this year than usual. Parting with your possessions can also feel like a losing game so in this newsletter I'm going to focus on strategies that will you help you tackle your clutter and feel richer at the same time.

Winning ways

Collect up your change

I'd like you to gather up all the loose change that is lying around in your home - use this as an opportunity to go though all your bags, including half unpacked suitcases, work bags and turn out trouser and jacket pockets too. If you fancy it check under the sofa too! I bet you're surprised at the total and at all the other lost bits and pieces that come to light. Put the change aside for a treat to beat the winter blues or set yourself a daily cash budget to give your bank account a short break.

Use Christmas gift vouchers

In decluttering sessions clients often come across expired gift vouchers. If you were given vouchers as Christmas gifts spend them now - before they get stuck in the back of a drawer and lost for years. With major retailers going out of business every week it makes sense to spend them now rather than wait.

Be creative with your stuff

The "make do and mend" approach can be a bit preachy and off-putting - so reframe this and think of positive ways you can use up things that still have life in them. I recently bought a pot of expensive face cream that was too heavy for my skin. It lay around for a while and I started to feel guilty, then I thought well I might as well use it up as body lotion. No waste and my skin is supersmooth. For you it could be using a bag you'd put aside for best or actually wearing your "good" underwear everyday.

Feel rich through giving

I know it's a cliché but giving unwanted things to a charity shop can give you a real high. Charity shops are suffering too in the recession - and need donations more than ever. Set a realistic goal of filling just one plastic carrier today. By accepting you are never going to have a 28" waist again (old jeans can go) or finish half read tomes that have been on your bookshelves for years, you will feel a sense of relief as you say farewell to part of your life that is gone forever.

Sell, sell, sell

If you need to raise some cash I feel it always works best to focus on selling fewer items in decent condition rather than trying to get back money back on every little thing. Start today by identifying 3 items you no longer need to raise some new year cash. Take a look at these sites for some selling ideas.

Revisit old pleasures

If cash is tight - then revisit old possessions that haven't seen the light of day for a while. Watch your boxed set of Lost or reread a novel rather than buy new. Make sure you are wearing all your clothes too as you may well have settled into a rut of only wearing your favourite black items (one of my bad habits!)

Spend consciously

Change your attitude to shopping - become more of a browser and window shopper than a knee-jerk buyer. Aim to think long and hard about purchases before parting with any money. If you're not 100% sure ask the shop assistant to put the item on hold while you consider it over coffee. I fell in love with a grey silk skirt in the sales last week but it really wasn't going to work with the rest of my wardrobe. Beautiful, reduced, yet still not a good buy. I bought a fabulous black one instead which I know I'll wear a lot.

New Year Tip

If buying is too expensive, and selling too much hard work, try swapping your way to a new wardrobe (here)

Get professional help

For a more personal approach and hands on help and support, I'd be delighted to visit your home and really help you blitz your clutter effectively. I charge £150 for a 3 hour session including a free copy of one of my books No more Clutter or Hoarder to Order. I work throughout London and will also travel within the southeast to places that are accessible from London mainline stations. I'm always happy to have an informal chat with you about what a session involves so do get in touch.

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Have a great New Year!

Best wishes.



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