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Effective New Year's Resolutions...

This is the traditional time of year to make good resolutions that we really hope will be life-changing. Unfortunately we tend to be overambitious and unrealistic and end up abandoning our good intentions as the dark days of January pass by. The key to success is to focus on what matters to you and not get sidetracked by the unimportant.

I'll give you an example. I decided not to drink any alcohol in January to give my body a rest and thought while I was at it, I'd also give up eating crisps for the month. On New Years Day I thought a packet of vegetable crisps didn't really count and you can imagine that was the end of that resolution! An alcohol free month was much more important to me so that one is sticking.

So, what really matters to you in 2008 in the battle against clutter? Do you want less stuff, to cut money spent on shopping, to get your paperwork organised or to spend less time worrying about your clutter? Try and identify what really matters to you and then set simple goals to achieve it.

Say your goal is to get a grip on your overshopping. Think about how you could achieve this. I believe it works best if you try and make only one simple change a week. As each week goes by you stick to the previous week's goal and add a new one in.

  • Week 1 put away your cards and set a cash budget for the week.
  • Week 2 limit the number of times you actually go to the shops from daily to every other day.
  • Week 3 shop with a list - only buy things you need - no impulse buys at all!
  • Week 4 Reduce your shopping days to twice a week

Although these are small changes they will make a huge difference over time. Imagine how this would work with your papers. You could start in week one by opening all those fusty envelopes that are sitting in piles round your home. Or you could decide not to buy any newspapers or magazines in January and work your way through your backlog. It's up to you what you decide to do but make sure your heart is in it and it is small and achievable.

Dealing with the Christmas influx.

Once the Christmas decorations are down it's hard if you are cluttered to find a new home for all the new presents you received. Not to mention any of the bargains you've bagged in the sales. So apply my January tip to keep thing in balance.

And don't forget, have a Happy New Year!



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If the newsletter isn't quite enough, then try a more personal approach. I'd be delighted to visit your home in the London area and really help you blitz your clutter effectively. I charge £150 for a 3 hour session and as a Winter Offer I will also include a free copy of No more Clutter or Hoarder to Order.

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