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Take Control of your Clutter in 2007

If your New Year's resolution is to really get to grips with your clutter in 2007, this newsletter is for you. I don't want your good intentions to drift away into the dark days of January. Instead I want you to find effective ways to turn your hopes and dreams into reality.

Step one - Define your goals

Find a quiet half hour and write down how clutter is currently affecting your life and what you want to achieve this year. Don't censure yourself - just let your thoughts flow.

Put this list aside for a day and come back and read it with fresh eyes. Now turn your general wishes like having a clutter-free home or dealing with paperwork into more specific goals like re-organising your kitchen or clearing out your filing cabinet. Write down all your goals and then choose the one that is most important to you.

Break this goal down into mini-tasks that are less daunting - like going through one file a day or tackling one kitchen cupboard or drawer - your pans today and your mugs tomorrow.

Step two - Prioritise and schedule decluttering time

All the best resolutions in the world will come to nothing if you don't put time aside for the work. Make this time a priority and write it down in your diary. It's up to you whether you do short bursts most days or whether you set aside a whole morning or weekend. There is no right or wrong here - it's what works best for you. But be honest about your stamina - both emotional and physical. If you set realistic goals you are much more likely to achieve them.

Step three - Find some support

Don't feel you have to tough it out alone, there really is a lot of help available for dealing with clutter.

Get reading

If you haven't already, invest a few pounds in either of my 2 books.

I would recommend reading no more clutter if you are struggling with longheld beliefs and attitudes about hoarding and would like a mixture of pyschological and practical tips to get you started.

Hoarder to Order is a more practical 100 day programme to declutter your whole home. If you start now you'll be sorted by the spring. Imagine what a great feeling that would be.

And don't forget - there are lots of great titles out there. Take a look at my "recommended reading" page (here) for lots more high quality contributions to the world of decluttering and organising.

Get professional help

I'd be delighted to visit your home in the London area and really help you blitz your clutter effectively. I charge £150 for a 3 hour session and as a special offer this January and February I will also include a free copy of No more Clutter.

If you are out of London I can still help with a monthly support package. It's £100 for an initial hour's phone call and 4x 15 minute follow-up weekly calls when we can talk through your clutter issues and set weekly goals. I will also include a copy of No More Clutter for anyone who books in January or February.

Contact or call me on 020 8444 5149

Get a buddy

Find a friend who is also determined to beat back the mess and muddle. Arrange a weekly phone call so you can encourage each other. Choose someone who is positive and who will truly motivate you!

Use online resources

Check out the websites recommended on nomoreclutter's links page (here).

January' s tip is Recall a Happy Clutter-Free Time in your life. Be inspired even if you feel you are drowning in stuff.

And don't forget - have a Happy New Year!

I hope it's a healthy, happy and clutter-free one for you all.


020 8444 5149


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