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Learn to Love Decluttering

Many people see decluttering as soulless drudgery that only leads to deprivation, loss and a big dose of guilt. I'd like you to challenge those old beliefs this February and understand that sorting out your possessions is a way of refreshing your life and celebrating the things you love.

If your treasures lie neglected or submerged in clutter it can be hard to feel good about your home and this can have a knock-on effect on your self esteem. Decide today to reverse this process and enjoy and give space to the things you love. In turn say goodbye to things that just clog up your life like piles of unopened mail and endless cluttery junk.

Try this easy plan to get going......

Choose an area of your home like your wardrobe or your DVD collection . Look at each item in turn and ask yourself

  • do I love it?
  • is it really useful?

LOVE - you know instinctively the things you love because they are important to you, enhance your life and you would notice and miss them if they vanished overnight. Think of a special photo, a favourite sweater or a beloved book.

USEFUL - many household objects are not ones you will feel passionately about - like your stapler or your tin opener. But they are essential to the running of your home and should function well. If they irritate - like a wobbly ironing board or a sellotape dispenser that doesn't cut properly - aim to replace them when money and time allows. But be honest and don't keep dozens of things just in case one breaks, nor keep things you never ever use because you might "one day".

CLUTTER - if it's not useful or loved, it's clutter - even if it's in good condition or cost a lot of money. You can't talk yourself into loving something - so instead do the liberating thing and let it go to a good home where it will be appreciated.

As the clutter starts to diminish make sure you display and use the treasures you have unearthed like a beautiful photo frame or a china cup. Enjoy and take pleasure from the things you own!

and on Valentine's Day...

Don't forget the people you love, who may not have someone so close to them this year. Check out February's tip here.

Have a great decluttering time!



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