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Short and Sweet

February is such a short month that I want you to concentrate on small specific areas. Rather than attempt to tackle your entire wardrobe, sort out your belts or ties one day and then move onto your jumpers. Before you start any project, visualise what you want to achieve and how much easier your life will be when things are more organised. The more you focus on the potential gains the less you will view decluttering as a loss or deprivation.

Try the following to ease the decision making:

  • Write down 7 small decluttering jobs that have been on your to-do-list for ages. Put them in an envelope and then lucky dip one each day for a week.
  • Use it or lose it. Every day in February use or wear one thing that you're not sure about. This will help you see if the Christmas scarf is treasure or heading to the charity shop.
  • Write down all the rooms in your home and put them in an envelope. Each day draw one out and spend a few minutes tackling one small corner of that room. Put the room back in the envelope ready for the next draw.
  • Choose one area like
    • your freezer and eat up the contents before defrosting or
    • stop buying new magazines until you've read the pile at home.
    • Use up some of your stash of hair and skincare products and avoid lunchtime visits to cosmetics counters.
  • Unless it's their birthday don't buy your kids any new toys or DVDs this month. Treat them to a day out at the end of the month with the money saved.
  • Do something every day no matter how small to bring order back to your house. If you're having a lousy day then throw just one thing out that day. It's a great way of feeling in control of the clutter - you can keep on top of it in good times and bad.

Reward yourself with a non-thing present at the end of the month like a visit to a theatre or cocktails at a upmarket hotel!

February's Tip

To aid you on your way, use a timer

Sue's book is full of good ideas to help you understand why clutter has you in its grip and how to wrest back control - click on the picture to check it out...

Clutter clinic

Paula says

"I'm due to move home in about 6 weeks. I'm tempted to take all the clutter with me and sort it out when I get there. I really can't get going."

Sue says

"Moving is a stressful time and it's important to pace yourself. Use the little and often methods above to kick-start the process. Get some storage boxes in advance and begin packing things you can live without for a few weeks. Label all boxes clearly with the contents and which room they are going into.

"But do accept that there are usually 2 phases to decluttering - one before the move and one after so don't worry about everything being perfect before you go. Avoid sticking unopened boxes from your old garage straight into your new one. I have known people who've chucked these without opening them but that's a bit too radical even for me - so have a quick look before saying goodbye to unwanted stuff.

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