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Advent challenges

I know it's hard to focus in December in the run-up to Christmas and you've probably never felt less like decluttering. But don't despair - this month I'm going to set you some quickie challenges that will keep your hand in and will set you up for the New Year.

  • For the 24 days of advent put one unwanted thing each day in a bag for charity. Search out last year's unwanted Christmas presents - you know those ones you stuffed in the back of your wardrobe or under the bed. Once the bag is full take it straight to the charity shop and start another. That way they'll be able to sell them as Christmas gifts.
  • Ferret out leftover cards, tags and wrapping paper from last year before you stock up with all those tempting 3 for 2 offers they stick by the till. I was amazed to find 3 unopened packs of cards and about 5 half used ones in my Christmas decoration box - all bought by my husband Nick last year! So I can tick that job off my to-do list.
  • Gather up 12 things you have been dithering about for a while - almost parting with them and then having second thoughts. Stash them away in a bag until the New Year - do make a note in your diary in early January to deal with them. Before you open the bag think back and see if you've actually missed anything - in fact can you even remember what's in there? It will be much easier to let this stuff go now you've got used to living without it.

For more ideas, do check out past Christmas newsletters (here).

Thanks to everyone who got in touch after the last newsletter with ideas on where to donate unwanted stuff.

Here are a few. is a place to sell and buy second-hand books. Much better than piling them up in the loft!

The national childbirth trust NCT has lots of nearly new sales where parents can sell unwanted baby equipment You can advertise your unwanted kids stuff here. is ideal for schools or community groups like brownies to collect up old clothes, shoes and textiles to be recycled or re-used. The school gets paid 20p per kilo.

And finally, do make time for yourself in this busy and stressful month with...

December's tip

Check out this month's tip - it's a tough one, but worth it! Have your own buy nothing day

Have a great festive season!



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