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Food for thought

A recent survey revealed that we chuck away a third of the food we buy. That's pretty shocking and I was thinking of this waste when I dumped some mouldy courgettes in the green recycling bin this week. Ok they'll make good compost so I'm not going to beat myself up. But if this keeps happening to you perhaps it's time to streamline your shopping habits.

What is your particular pattern of overshopping?

  • Do you love a bargain and get easily seduced by special offers like "3 for the price of 2" or buy one get one half price.
  • Do you go on automatic pilot at the supermarket and pick up ready packaged items (like the courgettes) that are simply too much for your household needs?
  • Do you buy the same stuff every week without checking if you need chickpeas or breakfast cereal?
  • Do you go shopping when you're hungry, with grumpy kids in tow, or in such a rush that you grab stuff haphazardly?
  • Do you feel uncomfortable and anxious unless your fridge, freezer and food cupboards are stuffed full to capacity?

Challenge your shopping behaviour this April

Stop the rot now by adopting these tactics:

  1. Shop with a list that you stick to.
  2. Walk away from special offers - if you only want one Easter egg then is getting "3 for the price of 2" a true bargain?
  3. Challenge your seige mentality - practice leaving more breathing space in your fridge or food cupboards.
  4. Avoid shopping when you're hungry on in a bad mood as this will make overbuying much more likely
  5. Have a frugal April and use up the contents of your cupboards like those 5 packets of spaghetti that are all open. Eat up what's in your fridge and freezer and then give it a good spring clean.
  6. Check sell-by dates. If the mushroom risotto needs eating in a couple of days it'll end up in the bin if you're out all week.
  7. Store like with like. It may sound a bit obsessive but if you line up your canned tomatoes you'll see at a glance whether you've got 2 or 20.....
  8. If you're only going to use a couple of courgettes or oranges then buy loose ones rather than a multipack. I'll try harder at this one too especially as it saves packaging too!

How many carrier bags do you acquire on an average shopping trip? If you'd like to reduce this have a look at April's tip Just say no to plastic carrier bags.

I must admit I have a soft spot for glossy carrier bags from my favourite shop Heals or the pretty pink ones from Whistles and feel a little tweak when I fill them for the charity shop. But there's not much point in starting a collection, is there? I'd love to hear your ideas for reducing or reusing bags.

Next month I'm planning to look at green ways to reduce and let go of clutter. If you've any suggestions or can recommend any good websites do contact me at

No More Clutter in the media

The Woman and Home May issue (published this month in the UK) has a short article on a wardrobe decluttering session Sue did with a journalist recently: "Sue left me with a list of instructions and a feeling of being totally unburdened". Sounds good, doesn't it?

Get professional help

I'd be delighted to visit your home in the London area and really help you blitz your clutter effectively. I charge £150 for a 3 hour session and as a special extended Spring Offer I will also include a free copy of No more Clutter.

If you are out of London I can still help with a monthly support package. It's £100 for an initial hour's phone call and 3x 20 minute follow-up weekly calls when we can talk through your clutter issues and set weekly goals. I will also include a copy of No More Clutter.

Happy Easter, and enjoy the spring sunshine!

Contact or call me on 020 8444 5149


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