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April Challenge

Now that the hour has changed and our homes are bathed in Spring sunshine, I'd like to set you a decluttering challenge for April.

Pick one room in your home and commit to giving it a thorough declutter. Don't leave any nook or cranny or odd sock untouched. Your task it to take everything off the floor and out of the cupboards and decide whether you want to keep it. Have a look at my tips on the website here for inspiration.

Choose the room in the house that you find easiest - like your bathroom. Or why not sort out your bedroom? You deserve to have a bedroom that is a sanctuary and is a great space in which to unwind. Estimate how long it will take to thoroughly declutter your chosen room. It's normal to vastly underestimate how long jobs take, so times it by three and that'll be about right!

This cleared room is going to be your inspiration for the rest of your home. A vital part of the challenge is not to reclutter it. No matter how much chaos there is in the rest of your home, keep this one room clear. Revel in how much better it feels to have your space clear of clutter and tat.

but if that seems too much...

For those of you who don't yet feel ready to tackle a whole room, warm up your decluttering muscles by tackling some of the following:

  • Clear out your linen closet - you know you don't use all those tatty towels and floral sheets.
  • Clear out your car - do you really want to travel around with old Starbucks cups, newspapers and general junk as your companions?
  • Get ready for summer by taking out your spring/summer clothes and have fun trying them on and deciding which ones to keep and which to let go. Reward yourself with a trip to the shops to fill in the gaps.
  • The 2003-4 tax year is ending - so if you haven't already, buy a folder to collect up all the relevant information. It's so easy to procrastinate on this one - but if you start now it won't be so overwhelming.

"Making Space" and Storage

I've been thinking a lot about storage recently as I've been watching Making Space which has been running on Channel 4 on weekdays. I helped write some of the decluttering and storage ideas for this programme and it's been interesting to see them going out on air. For those of you who've enjoyed it and would like to see another series commissioned do let Channel 4 know - call them on 020 7306 8333 or go to and email them to let them know.

I love the following ideas:

  • over-the door hooks are widely available - try the Next catalogue or Lakeland. Great for hanging your dressing gown or towels.
  • colourful hammocks for stashing kids toys in - now summer is on the way you can get these all over the place, there are some good ones available in Habitat.
  • think transparent - that way you don't have to second-guess what's in a box. Muji, Lakeland and the Holding Company all have great products. Check my links page here.

Your Ideas

Do let me know what are your favourite storage solutions are. I'd love to hear your decluttering tips or dilemmas or indeed any ideas or subjects you'd like to see covered in the newsletter. The newsletter goes to many countries round the world. It's well known that the Brits are a nation of hoarders. but what about your country - do you think there is a special hoarding style? Do let me know your thoughts.

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