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Clutter Clichés - why they work, and why they don't

Number 6: "A stitch in time saves nine"

This is so true when it comes to clutter. In fact one definition of clutter is things that have not been dealt with. Procrastination always goes hand in hand with clutter

For example you come back from a trip and don't unpack your suitcase. You can't find your suntan lotion so you go out and buy some more. You shove your suitcase still unpacked into your spare room and fall over it every time you look in.

The longer you leave it the less inclined you feel to open it. Things that haven't been dealt with acquire a kind of negative energy. You feel guilty every time you see it but you try and stay out of the spare room so you don't have to think of it.

In reality unpacking it would take very little time. I know it's easy to say but if you deal with things at the time you don't have to waste any precious mental energy thinking about them. Your home will also stay uncluttered and things won't pile up.

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